heating Plumbing & renewable energies

For construction or renovation

The type of heating to be installed is a very important to take.
Indeed, high-performance equipment can have many advantages such as energy savings and savings on your bills.
We can offer you several types of heating including:
Standard heating: Gas and Fuel
Low consumption boilers, hybrid boiler mixed with 2 energies and solar panels (sunshine), ground heat (geothermal energy) calories in the air and in wells (heat pump), in nature (wood, peeled, straw).
All these systems can be installed on radiators, underfloor heating, fan coils.

examples of boilers

Air conditioning or heat pump

An air conditioning or an air-air heat pump is first chosen according to the characteristics of your air-conditioned or heated home and the intended use, whether occasional or regular and on the number of people living in the same household.

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Sanitary plumbing

Sanitary plumbing

Sanitary plumbing is all the work of evacuation of waste water, water supply hot and cold water, sanitary equipment and taps through pipes, tubes, taps, valves, pumps at the different points of use of an installation.
It combines central heating and
sanitary plumbing.
The objective of sanitary plumbing is to allow better hygiene by
helping to satisfy human needs.

chauffage central caléfaction radiateur chauffage au sol climatisation
Chauffe-eau électrique installation réparation
installation plomberie chauffage au sol caléfaction radiateur

Water treatment

A softener is installed on the main pipe to treat the water upstream. This device filters calcium and magnesium from the water thanks to its resin pearl tank and releases sodium in return. It protects your home appliances, laundry and your skin
A reverse osmosis system is connected to the cold water inlet from the tap and to the drain of the sink. It is a filtration system with a membrane whose purpose is to eliminate impurities contained in the water, osmosis water. can be accessed directly from your tap to enjoy pure drinking water, it is also ideal for supplying your aquarium if you have one.

DHW tank

The DHW tank is a sanitary device intended to heat domestic water in your home.
Its capacity in liters is defined in relation to the number of people living in the same household.
This is made up of a tank, a heat exchanger and a safety group, it can be powered by different heat sources Gas, electricity, solar or fuel oil.