Tiles & Earthenware

For your interior and exterior floors

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What we offer you

We work with several suppliers who have a very
large and wide choice of materials: tiles, earthenware, polished concrete, mosaics, marble, natural stone ceramics, from the smallest format to the largest.

 Thanks to this large choice we can adapt your desires according to your budget.
Tiling is becoming more and more popular elsewhere, and covering the floor with tiles offers an unrivaled aesthetic touch to your room.
Tiles play a big role in decoration both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to show off the modernity of your home or its vintage touch, tiles always remain the best alternative.

The tiles do not require any special maintenance,

you just need to use detergent suitable and hot water. Unlike other floor coverings, tiles do not keep not the stains. You just have to make sure to clean them regularly.

Tiling also gains in resistance

hence it is well rated compared to other covering materials. Its lifespan will be very long over time. For exteriors and the busiest places and places where humidity is regular, such as the bathroom, you can opt for non-slip tiles.