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Electrical Installation :

We can carry out the electrical renovation of your home or carry out a complète

If you find your sockets, switches outdated or dilapidated they can be replaced
by new design products.

Lighting installation:

Light offers you a multitude of possibilities necessary for your visual comfort and it can be an absolute decorative element.
It is very important that you can determine the type of lighting atmosphere you want in each room with LED lighting which is much less energy-consuming than any other traditional light source.
For example, the light output that we would like to have in a living room will not necessarily be the same as in a kitchen.
We therefore advise you to take all of these elements into account so that we can provide you with solutions.


Controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) is a mechanical device which makes it possible to renew the air inside a dwelling, in particular that of the parts of water and to regulate it.
It is essential for the comfort and well-being of a greasy home with a renewal of the ambient air that is efficient and good for our health.
It contributes to energy savings, opening the windows of a home is essential to ventilate it well.
But a VMC effectively replaces this action, particularly in winter, by avoiding heating losses and wasted energy which inflate energy bills.

Save money with controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV)